Digital transformation presents ‘acute’ skills shortage for financial services

Financial services companies are looking to digital transformation at a greater rate than most vertical market businesses, and are facing an “acute shortage” of skills as a consequence.

Friday 08

February 2019

Companies face $5.2trn in cybercrime losses over next five years

Cyber attacks could cost businesses as much as $5.2trn (£4trn) in additional costs and lost revenue over the next five years.

Monday 28

January 2019

10-fold increase in blockchain and cryptocurrency investment

Blockchain and cryptocurrency developers benefited from record levels of investment in the UK last year.

Wednesday 09 

January 2019

Two-fold increase in InsurTech investment recorded

More than $1.3bn (£1bn) was invested in insurance technology firms in the third quarter of this year, double the amount recorded in the previous three months.

Thursday 20

December 2018

AI chatbots to take huge pressure off healthcare services

The number of patients turning to artificial intelligence (AI) for their healthcare is set to explode over the next five years, saving hospitals billions of dollars in the process.

Wednesday 5 

December 2018

Global InsurTech investments reach new peak

Insurance technology start-ups have set a new investment record, already attracting more financing deals this year than they did over the whole of 2017.

Wednesday 21

November 2018

Cryptocurrency market on ‘the brink of implosion’

Investors should brace for an imminent collapse in the entire cryptocurrency market following a steep decline in the value of Bitcoin over the last year, a new study from Juniper Research has warned.


Friday 12

October 2018

Insurers and banks stop eight in ten cyber attacks

Insurance companies and banks have successfully prevented eight in ten cyber attacks on their organisations this year, up from approximately two in three over 2017.


Tuesday 1

October 2018

Two-thirds of large firms at least considering blockchain

Nearly two-thirds of large businesses with over 10,000 staff are looking to deploy new blockchain projects, up from around half last year, a new survey has found.

Tuesday 18

September 2018

Two-fold increase in InsurTech-based premiums predicted by 2023


InsurTech is expected to help generate over $400bn (£312bn) worth of premiums worldwide by 2023, more than double the estimated $187bn today.

Tuesday 21

August 2018