Blockchain identified as bridge to younger generation for insurers

Harnessing the power of blockchain technology could transform the way protection insurers create products, making them more relevant and appealing to younger people.


Wednesday 13

December 2017

SME insurance market set for digital transformation as more firms buy online

Small firms are increasingly looking to interact with their insurers online, suggesting the market is set to experience a similar digital transformation to the one seen for personal insurance.


Monday 4

December 2017

Loss of brand reputation fuelling growth in cyber insurance market

The global cyber insurance market was valued at $3.4bn (£2.5bn) last year, but is set to more than quadruple to $16.9bn by 2023, according to a report from P&S Market Research.


Wednesday 29

November 2017

Better tech skills could provide £11bn boost to UK GDP by 2022

Enhancing the next generation’s technology skills has the potential to “super-charge” social mobility and economic growth, according to a new report by BT and Accenture.


Monday 20

November 2017

Failure to adopt tried-and-tested technologies costing UK economy £100bn

The UK economy could receive a £100bn boost if businesses were to more widely adopt proven technologies like the cloud, e-purchasing, and mobile technology.


Monday 13

November 2017

Huge majority of financial institutions intimidated by FinTech firms

A whopping 83% of financial institutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) fear their business is at risk of being lost to standalone FinTech companies.


Tuesday 7

November 2017

Rapid growth in data breaches due to social engineering recorded

There has been a nine-fold increase in the amount of data breaches caused by deception over the last three quarters in comparison with the same period last year.


Thursday 26

October 2017

Technology tops list of biggest ‘disruptors’ for financial institutions

Insurers, banks and asset management companies believe technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet of things are redefining the nature of their services more than anything else.


Friday 20

October 2017

Global coalition formed to tackle multi-billion dollar innovation insurance gap

Some of the world’s largest insurers have joined forces with technology companies and governments to address the global insurance gap presented by the innovation economy.


Thursday 19

October 2017

Businesses neglecting cyber insurance in favour of property-related protection

Businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) are spending four times more of their budget on insurance for property, plant and equipment (PP&E) than they are covering cyber exposure.


Monday 16

October 2017