InsurTech deal numbers hit record high

There were a record 66 InsurTech investment deals recorded in the first quarter of this year as insurers continued to look to start-ups to improve their claims handling and underwriting excellence.


Wednesday 23


May 2018

Technology improvements considered top priority for global insurance industry

Upgrading technology is the number one priority for insurers around the world, according to survey of senior executives by software provider AdvantageGo.


Monday 21

May 2018

Growing digital skills gap found within insurance industry

The insurance industry is increasingly struggling to find the right staff, with just one-quarter of workers in the sector prepared to use artificial intelligence (AI) systems.


Wednesday 16

May 2018

Insurance firms face huge spike in data privacy requests

Financial services companies are the most likely to be targeted for privacy requests following the introduction General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) next month.


Thursday 3

May 2018

Insurance industry warned of threat posed by fake data

The majority of insurers around the world are failing to ensure the data that feeds their artificial intelligence (AI) systems is accurate, potentially undermining their business decisions.


Wednesday 25

April 2018

South Korea tops table of countries best prepared for automation

South Korea, Germany and Singapore are the top three most prepared countries for integrating intelligent automation into their economies, with the UK in eighth position.


Monday 23

April 2018

Malicious cyber attacks more than double in 2018

The average number of cyber attacks with the potential to cause damage or result in the loss of high-value assets more than doubled in the first month of this year per organisation compared to in January 2017.


Tuesday 17

April 2018

One-third of UK companies would pay ransom to hackers

Approximately one-third of UK business leaders would pay a ransom if they suffered a cyber attack, with one in ten willing to fork out £1m or more to get their systems and data back.


Wednesday 4

April 2018

Regulation driving technology investments

Financial institutions across the world are increasingly turning to technology to manage a growing number of digital threats and regulatory requirements.


Tuesday 3

April 2018

Cyber security spending to soar over next four years

Businesses around the world will increase their cyber security investment by a third over the next four years, reaching a collective annual spend of $134bn (£95bn) by 2022.


Tuesday 27

March 2018