AI vulnerabilities could see driverless cars become targets for cyber criminals

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are ripe for exploitation and could be used by cyber criminals to crash whole fleets of driverless cars during the next decade, experts have warned.


Friday 23

February 2018

Cyber crime hits financial companies harder than all others

Cyber attacks cost financial services firms more than companies from any other industry, with the rate of breaches in the sector tripling over the last five years.


Tuesday 20

February 2018

Digital currencies dismissed as threat to global financial stability

Cryptocurrencies will need some form of regulation and guidance before they have the potential to significantly disrupt financial markets, according to S&P Global Ratings.


Monday 19

February 2018

Majority of businesses unprepared for cyber attacks

The overwhelming majority of business leaders around the world are unprepared for hackers infiltrating their organisation, with only 30% developing a plan to respond to cyber attacks.


Friday 16

February 2018

UK FinTech investment increases six-fold

Financial technology companies in the UK attracted $4.2bn (£2.98bn) of investment in 2017, up from $0.7bn the previous year, according to a new report from KPMG.


Thursday 15

February 2018

UK identified as fifth most prepared country for driverless cars

The UK has been ranked the fifth most prepared nation for the introduction of self-driving cars, just behind the Netherlands, Singapore, the US and Sweden.


Monday 12

February 2018

Healthtech M&A boom recorded

Rapidly converging digital technologies and societal changes have created a “perfect storm” for the global healthcare sector, driving intense innovation and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


Thursday 8

February 2018

Financial services set to be first in the firing line of automation

Financial, professional and technical services will be the first affected by a wave of automation set to sweep the UK in the early 2020s, with 6-8% of jobs impacted.


Tuesday 6

February 2018

Reinsurers attempt to avoid outside disruption with record InsurTech investment

There were 120 private technology investments made by reinsurers over the course of 2017 – the highest number recorded for any year to date.


Friday 2

February 2018

AI investment could boost global business revenue by 38%

Increasing artificial intelligence (AI) and human-machine collaboration investment to the same levels of the world’s top performing companies could boost global business revenues by 38%.


Tuesday 30

January 2018