New tech & big data: are they good for insurance?

Richard Keating investigates how big data and new technologies are changing the face of the insurance industry, and examines the resulting threats and opportunities

June 2018

Actuaries in the age of artificial intelligence

Ben Pring explains how artificial intelligence is likely to change every aspect of the insurance industry and what insurance firms can do to keep up

February 2018

Brace yourselves: Global cyber insurance demand is coming

While cyber liability insurance is one of the fastest growing type of products in the industry, the majority of growth has come from US, but that is about to change.

August 2017

#Insurtech is a launch pad to unimagined possibilities

Insurtech is where the insurance industry’s future begins, a starting point that is unfathomable, challenging and yet well within reach.

June 2017

Uptake of robotic-assisted surgery brings risk

Once considered a far-fetched science fiction notion, robotics is now being used in the medical arena, offering transformative potential in patient care, prostheses and surgery.

April 2017

How can we manage the dynamic nature of cyber-risk?

Integrating board governance, technology solutions, behavioural change and risk transfer solutions can help reduce risk to a manageable level.

February 2017

Powered by the IoT, auto insurance is poised for a revolution

Connected cars promise to make car insurance more precise, personalised and convenient.

January 2017

InsTech and the innovation boom

‘InsTech’ is growing at a rapid pace, says Paolo Cuomo, as he outlines what companies are doing to take advantage of the innovations in technology available in the industry

December 2016

Want to get an insurer’s attention? Just say blockchain

Discover why blockchain is commanding so much attention in the insurance industry

November 2016

Tip of the iceberg: creating digital customer-centric strategies

Exponential advances in technology are raising the bar for what good insurance customer service looks like. 

September 2016